Watch Paul Walker on Shark Week Episode Before His Passing


Something Paul Walker loved just as much as cars was sharks.

During Shark Week 2014, on an episode of Spawn of Jaws: The Birth, the now-late actor helped scientists discover a great white birthing ground … and what they found is incredible!

On Wednesday’s episode of Spawn of Jaws, the Fast & Furious actor joined Dr. Michael Domeier on his two-year journey following a pregnant great white shark to find the location of great white pupping grounds.

They discovered a baby great white in the waters of Santa Monica Bay, which could possibly be the shark’s pupping ground.

Friend and fellow actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, filmed the intro of the episode about Paul’s mission for shark and marine conservation.

Paul studied marine biology in college and intended to come back a year later to complete the mission. Unfortunately, due to his tragic passing just a few weeks later, Dr. Domeier will have to finish the journey on his own.