4 Important Revelations From Taylor Swift’s Yahoo! Live Stream


Taylor Swift hosted her very own live stream with Yahoo! and ABC on Monday and opened up about her new single, “Shake It Off,” and the brand-new pop album, 1989, which will drop on October 27.

Check out the top 4 revelations from her live-stream:

1. “Shake It Off” Shows a Departure From Her Breakup-Love Songs

Her new single “Shake It Off” shows a tremendous departure from her previous songs because Taylor wanted to make sure that the new single “sounded nothing like anything I had done.” Rather than belting a relationship-centered ditty, the pop-heavy track is a kiss-off message to all the haters, players, and anyone else who isn’t on the same wavelength as her.

2. Taylor’s new album 1989 is a rebirth: “We made my favorite album”


The singer revealed that she had been inspired by the late ’80s because of the bold chances that were made during that era. According to the Red artist, the record was influenced by limitless possibilities, which was the theme for the past few years of her life. The singer-songwriter, who was born in 1989, opened herself up to inspiration and made herself vulnerable to new emotions, painful emotions, and great emotions that affected her songwriting for the new album.

The deluxe version of the LP will include three voice memos from the singer’s phone. The raw recordings will be of the singer spit-balling an idea or melody, which will give fans an insight on her recording process.

3. Taylor doesn’t rush perfection

It took the singer two years to complete this record because two years is the minimum amount of time it takes for her to welcome growth, new changes, and to alter her influences. According to the “22” singer, she woke up everyday wanting to create a new project that shows a new style of music that she had never made before.

4. You can tell who a person is by how they dance

During her live stream, Taylor indirectly addressed all of those viral GIFs that mocked her dancing. According to the blonde bombshell, she’s having more fun than the people scrutinizing her. For the track’s accompanying music video, Taylor was thrown in the middle of professional dancers from different styles, and although she wasn’t familiar with the routines, she wanted to make it clear that she is having fun regardless.