Listen to Remix of Jake Owen’s ‘Beachin’ Featuring T-Pain


The worlds of country and hip-hop collide in a brand new remix of Jake Owen‘s “Beachin’,” which features T-Pain and Mike Posner.

Listen to it:

In the new-and-improved version of “Beachin’,” the rapper adds his own special touch with the lyrics: “Shorty lookin’ fine, all them bikini lines / Hope she can’t read my mind / I can’t stand it / Beachin’.”

Around the 2:00 mark, Mike comes in with a “What up, Jake?” before beginning his own verse with, “Long hair, no top / Hell yeah, don’t stop.”

“Beachin'” is the second single off Jake’s fourth album, Days of Gold, and is his fifth single to go to No. 1 on the charts. But it on iTunes now here!