Jimmy Fallon Ices Lindsay Lohan, Shaves Jared Leto


Wednesday night was a busy one for Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show!

Not only did he dump a bucket of ice water on Lindsay Lohan for the ALS challenge, but he also trimmed down Jared Leto‘s bushy beard, which he’s been growing since the March 2 Oscars.

Soaking the Mean Girls actress (watch video above), Jimmy joked, was payback for her winning Water Wars when she stopped by the late-night show back in March.

Before she was drenched with ice water, Lindsay nominated the Thirty Seconds to Mars singer, who was also a guest on the show that night. But instead of getting cold water dunked on his head, he agreed to letting Jimmy shave down his beard.

Jared and his freshly-trimmed beard came back on the stage later with his band to perform “End of All Days.”