Dad Secretly Films Daughter Taking Weird Selfies in Hilarious Video


A sneaky father cruising to Passenger‘s “Let Her Go” noticed some commotion in the backseat of his car and looked into his rear view mirror only to find his daughter snapping countless amounts of selfies.

For posterity, her dad, Rob Beckham, filmed his selfie-obsessed 13-year-old, Skyler Beckham, whipping her hair around and making a variety of weird faces for the camera.

“I probably take about 50 a day,” Skyler, a Ohio native, told ABC News.

“It made me crack up laughing,” her dad said. “That’s why I first put it on Facebook to begin with. Then I put it on YouTube just to hopefully make other people crack up, too. So I hope that’s happening, because it’s pretty funny.”

The video was uploaded under the account Rumble Viral, and it has collected nearly 2 million hits since its upload date on August 23.