Little Boy Goes off on Mom for Getting Pregnant Again in Cute Video


A mother from Fort Lewis, Washington is pregnant again with her third baby, and her son is not happy with her. In fact, he’s pretty livid.

Shanee Gibson Hart broke the news to her kids as they sat in the back seat of her car, and her son Tré goes ballistic and admits he finds the pregnancy “exasperating.”

“What were you thinking?! Why do you have to get another baby?! You just had two! … This makes no sense,” he goes off, and continues to express his fear of getting replaced. “You have two babies! You keep loving them forever not having another baby between us!”

Towards the end of the viral video, which has logged over 7 million views since its upload on August 27, his mother finally calms him down by highlighting his little sister’s pleasant reaction to the surprise.

“What kind of baby is it,” he finally accepts, but under one condition: “Buy me some earplugs.”