17-Year-Old Katy Perry Gives Tour of Bus, Gets Emotional in Rare Video


Years before Katy Perry became a larger-than-life pop superstar, the sing-songwriter was a largely unrecognized artist who underwent a Christian-rock phase.

Cinematographer Jim Standridge shared a throwback video he titled, “Katy Perry Uncensored Raw Talent,” which captures the PRISM artist as a 17-year-old, who went by her real name, Kathryn Hudson, at the time.

In the 12-minute throwback clip, the then-teenager gives a tour of her bus, jokes about her acne, discusses her pre-show anxiety, plays her first guitar riff, and the video also incorporates a live shot of the “Dark Horse” singer performing one of her Christian-rock songs.

One of the highlights from the video was when the California-native was reduced to tears when she opened up about her parents, revealing, “You know when you hate your parents so much, you begin to miss them?”

The cinematographer created the video from 90 minutes of raw footage that was taken during Katy’s first tour in 2001. When he shared the edited version through his Vimeo account, he praised Katy for her growth as an “amazing entertainer and woman.”

“Katy Perry’s first tour as an artist in 2001,” Jim wrote in the caption. “I was very fortunate to meet and hang out with this genuine talent in the beginning of her career. The other day I was cleaning out some old footage in my office and found 90 minutes of raw footage I had totally forgot about … I think Katy has grown into an amazing entertainer and woman.”