Complexity Open for Jack and Jack on DigiTour, Teach Them Body Roll

2544225442 Views‘s contest champs Complexity claimed their prize and opened for Jack and Jack’s stop in Tempe, Arizona for their ongoing summer trek with DigiTour.

The dance troupe performed a high-energy acro-dance number set to Pitbull and Kesha‘s country-pop single, “Timber,” choreographed with countless lifts, leg extensions, unreal contortions, and even a flare.

Offstage, the ladies also took the time to teach Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky how to properly body roll while clad in pink tank-tops that read, “I body rolled with Jack & Jack.”

The dance team, who appeared on America’s Got Talent Seasons 8 and 9, Disney Channel’s Shake It Up, Lifetime’s Dance Moms, and The X Factor, won a fan-voted contest to open for the Vine stars.

“My babies just rocked their opening act for @thedigitour!” choreographer Alexa Moffett captioned the Instagram photo.

For tickets and information to see Jack and Jack on DigiTour, head over to by clicking here.

In other big news for DigiTour, DigiFest NYC 2014 is up for Live Event at the Streamy Awards, which are this Sunday, September 7, at 7:30 p.m.