Take Tour of Diagon Alley at ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida has extended its magical attraction with a built-to-scale replica of Diagon Alley that opened on July 8.

Fandango correspondents Marcus Johns and Tiffany Smith ventured through the magical grounds and explored the reproduction of the wizarding shops, which includes Gringotts, The Leaky Cauldron, Platform 9 3/4, and Hogwarts Express.

The theme park also features the Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon sitting atop the goblin-run bank, real butterbeer, and an interactive attraction where tourists can cast enchantments that actually produce a magical outcome.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter also allows muggles to relive the magic with a carbon copy of Hogsmeade that includes a family-friendly roller coaster ride, “Flight of the Hippogriff,” that brings riders through the Forbidden Forest and Hagrid’s cottage.