YouTube Star Angry Grandpa Gets a Happy Surprise … a New House!


Now this is something to not be angry about!

YouTube star The Angry Grandpa — who has gone viral thanks to his recorded outbursts about Valentine’s Day, loud music, and his son getting a tattoo — got a surprise that brought him to (happy) tears.

His son Michael has been bringing along Angry Grandpa (real name Charles Green) with him and his wife Bridgette as they’ve been house-hunting the past few months, but little did he know they were shopping for him. “The idea was to make him believe we were searching for a house for us when in reality we were just having him choose his own,” writes Michael on YouTube.

In the video that already has nearly 4 million views, Michael gives Angry Grandpa a tour of the house they purchased. After going through each room and marveling at how lovely it is, Michael finally tells him the truth.

“This is yours,” he says to his confused father. “This is your house, Pop.”

And just like that, Angry Grandpa turns into Sobbing Grandpa. “No, Michael, no,” he says through tears. “I don’t deserve this.”

For more on Angry Grandpa, head on over to his YouTube channel!